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4 Rules of Sales Training

Training a new team can be a difficult endeavor. After all, you have new team members coming in that could either foster greater success or that could completely disrupt the progress that you are making as a team. However, by following the four rules of sales training, you can make sure that your new salespeople are completely prepared to make shining progress and to bring your company further in its development. Sales training can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be!

1. Hire a Diversity of Candidates

As human beings, it is in our nature to hire people who are most alike us. This has been proven time and time again in various research: this is also why certain teams can end up suffering from a lack of diversity. Having a diverse set of salespeople will help you bring in different perspectives, experience levels as well as sets of skills. Hence, diversify the hiring bag – figure out who can bring what to your company, and you will already make your sales training easier (before it even starts!).

2. Be Realistic About Your Goals and Reward Success

The world of sales is undeniably a very competitive one. To this end, you need to encourage this competition by setting up a few goals that your teams should aim to meet. Not only will this help the team focus on the most crucial aspects of your business (i.e., bringing your business’ vision forward), but it will incite them to always push themselves further – especially as each salesperson competes with the other. If your goals are unrealistic, however, your team may not be motivated at all because of the low chances of success. Hence, keep them realistic and make sure to reward success!

3. Foster More Competition

It may be hard to figure out how to bring in more competitively spirited people in your company, but try out the following: people who are competitive in life tend to be good at upkeep competition in their professional lives. More specifically, that means that you should be looking to hire people who engage in competitive sports, competitive activities, and who have competitive hobbies as well. Training someone who already wants to win makes sales training much more efficient!

4. Provide Solid Training that Really Works

Finally, your sales training won’t be done on its own. While some are born salespeople and know how to make it without much training, they still require tremendous product knowledge to know how to sell a certain product to the right team. Moreover, training new sales representatives comes down to more than just their ability to sell! Team effectiveness also needs to be foolproof, and your team members must be well onboarded to feel like they are a part of the team (and hence, to perform well!). With Lighthouse Organizational Development, your team can access e-Learning that helps them do just this. We help you with sales enablement, training, onboarding, and performance support while we also provide identical training experience for all your learnings around the globe.

Our platform is customized around your organization’s learning content – making sure that the onboarding is as efficient and pertinent as can be.

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