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Lighthouse exists to bring the transformative power of learning to our clients so that we exceed our clients' expectations and positively impact the workplace experience.

Kevin F Daly

Kevin Daly is an international training and development specialist with extensive organizational development experience. He has led hundreds of seminars throughout Europe working together with talents, managers and leaders with a particular focus on communication, intercultural competence, and team development.


Kevin Daly,


Managing Partner / Development Specialist

Peter Biro

Peter Biro is a senior trainer, facilitator and learning program designer assisting multinational companies in designing and delivering in-person, virtual and eLearning-based global learning programs by focusing on practical skill development, experiential learning and an engaging learning experiences.


Peter Biro, MA

Managing Partner / Digital Learning Expert

Kristina Konjic

Kristina Konjic is an experienced project manager in the NGO sector and the blended learning industry. Prior to her work engagement with Lighthouse, she successfully led several long-term projects meant to establish quality prosthetics & orthotics education in a number of developing countries. Her expertise lies in administrative facilitation of trainings and workshops.


Kristina Konjic, MA

Learning Facilitator


Tim Bosworth

Tim Bosworth is a ‘leader who develops leaders’. Tim is an experienced trainer, facilitator and L&D program designer for senior, middle and first-level managers. Tim is an accredited International Coaching Federation Coach (ICF ACC) and holds certification in NBI, MBTI, DISC and NLP. Tim brings a wealth of commercial experience through fifteen years working for Royal Dutch Shell. 


Tim Bosworth, PhD

Senior Consultant /

Trainer & Coach

Christiana Mitcheva

Christiana is a financial services industry expert with over twenty years of international corporate and consulting experience, helping large multinational organizations with their strategic and financial needs. She is a change professional with significant practical experience in businesses and people transformation. 


Christiana Mitcheva, M.Sc., MA

Senior Consultant / Business Development, Executive Coach and Trainer

Elisabeth Cassels- Brown, MA

Trainer, Facilitator and Coach

Christian Newman, B.Sc., M.Sc.

Senior Consultant / Business Development

Elisabeth Overbeeke

Elisabeth Overbeeke is an international organisation effectiveness expert and Human Resource professional with over 20 years of experience in the fields of Organisational & Culture Change, Team Effectiveness, Organisation Development and HR Management. 


Stephanie Gasche,


Agile Coach, Trainer, Consultant

Elisabeth Overbeeke,


Senior Consultant / Trainer

Elisabeth Cassels-Brown

Elisabeth Cassels-Brown is a university lecturer, trainer and coach with over 30 years in the international learning and development field. She has worked in a broad spectrum of interrelated topics including intercultural competence, leadership development, and team coaching, as well as stress management and resilience building.

Chris Newman

Chris has over two decades of professional experience in Management Consulting, Executive Training and Higher Education.   He has worked in leading international companies such as Ernst & Young and Ericsson and has served as Head of the Business and Management department at Webster Private University Vienna and as the Director for an executive training provider.

Stephanie Gasche

Stephanie has been spreading the Agile mindset and methodologies by coaching, leading, training and advising project- as well as product-teams since 2012. Stephanie specifically enjoys supporting intercultural and internationally distributed Agile teams on their way to self-organization. 

Djordje Maricic

Djordje Maricic is a trainer, coach and facilitator with extensive broadcasting experience. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts and German from Bethel College, Kansas. His expertise lies in strategic communication, cross-cultural communication, client service and presentation skills.





Roland Engel

Roland Engel is a certified trainer for systemic organizational development (ÖGGO) and diversity management (NTL-Institute, USA), and has 16 years of training and consulting experience with international companies in more than 12 different countries. 


Roland Engel, MA

Senior Consultant / Trainer

Geraldine Foerster

Geraldine Foerster is a management and business consultant focused on change management, with a background in private education, hospitality, interior design and luxury goods.


Geraldine Förster, MBA

Consultant, Trainer & Coach

Mike Walt

Mike Walt, holder of a BA in Communications, is a professional development trainer and communications specialist. He worked as director of sales and marketing in the communication industry and as a journalist with publications in major magazines.


Mike Walt,



Nadja Walser

Nadja Walser has more than 15 years of experience in managing projects, change management and leading local and virtual teams in consulting firms and international companies such as General Electric and Banco Santander. Nadja developed a pragmatic view on project management, team development and leadership in different management positions working as project manager, CIO and PMO lead. 


Nadja Walser,


Consultant, Trainer & Coach

Nadine Richani

Nadine Richani is Deputy CEO at an engineering consultancy based in Austria and active globally. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and an MBA in Business. She has built her career working with international organizations around the world.


Nadine Richani, B.Sc., MBA


Peter Buchas

Peter Buchas is consultant, trainer and coach in the areas of Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Logistics and Project Management. In his years of consulting and training of major international corporations he discovered the importance of a supporting corporate culture and developed and led seminars for leadership and organizational development, conflict resolution and mediation.


Peter Buchas, B.Sc., ME

Consultant, Trainer & Coach

Marion Mansberger

Marion Mansberger is an international trainer and university lecturer and has over 20 years of international experience. She has lived and worked in France, Greece, Italy, the United States and Germany and has taught at American and Austrian universities alike.


Marion Mansberger, MBA


Tom Venning

Tom Venning is a business trainer, facilitator and coach specialized in business to business sales and communication skills in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. This special experience stems from over twenty years of working throughout the region with international groups and teams.




Trainer, Facilitator & Coach

Matt Guiver

Matt Guiver is an industrial design graduate and qualified transformational coach, trainer and facilitator. His expertise lies in sparking innovation and transformational change in individuals and businesses. English, but born in Nassau; Matt has led an international life working and heading up operations, strategy and training in over 50 countries. 



Guiver, BA

Facilitator, Trainer & Coach

Alex De Jong

Alex is a corporate communication expert focusing on presentations, pitching and leadership. He qualified as an accountant working at a Big 4 firm and has over 9 years training, coaching and e-learning experience. 


Alex de Jong, B.Sc.

Trainer & E-Learning Expert

Viktorija Jordan

Viktorija is a communications expert, senior coach and trainer dedicated to excellence, high performance and processes of change in people and organizations. With a special focus on personal efficiency, leadership, communication and teamwork, she designs transformative learning experiences to inspire and motivate change through experience.


Viktorija Jordan, B.Sc.

Team Coach, Trainer, Communications Expert

Manfred J Wondrak

Manfred is an international expert, consultant, and trainer in the field of Diversity & Inclusion and Unconscious Bias. His is owner of factor-D Diversity Consulting and has gained more than 35 years practical experience in international companies. He is one of the Diversity Pioneers in Austria, operator of the platform and initiator of Diversity Charter in Austria.


Manfred J. Wondrak, MBA

Consultant & Trainer


​Consultant, trainer, and systematic coach with Lighthouse Organizational Development with
over 25 years of leadership and team building experience as a senior Diplomat in the United
State Government specializing in the fields of program management, risk mitigation, and
creative problem solving.



White, MA

Senior Consultant &

Team Coach

Lux_Liz (4).jpeg

Liz Lux has over 20 years international corporate and start-up experience including the developing and coaching of leaders, teams and organizations, consulting on People & Culture strategies, whether it's helping with transformational change to a more People & Culture focused Human Resources or / and building up the function and processes from scratch. She has also been working with Agile methodologies in the scope of Human Resources / People & Culture where it has shown to bring value.




Senior Consultant, Coach & Facilitator

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