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Custom-made, corporate e-learning based on your organization's products, services, and processes.

The purpose of e-learning is to turn your own internal learning materials and your experts' tacit knowledge into engaging digital learning. 


E-learning is used for sales enablement, training, onboarding and performance support and provides identical training experience for all your learners around the globe. 

E-learning is useful for any industry as it is fully customized around your organization's learning content (product, services, and processes). 


3 Benefits

Digital learning content

Engaging, digital learning content based on your own products, processes and technologies with minimal effort from your side. 

Flipchart structure knowledge

A proven way to gather, structure and distribute organizational knowledge protecting your organization from knowledge loss and providing a standardized learning experience for all your learners. 

Online platform e-learning

Platform for training thousands of employees globally in their home or normal offices at a fraction of face2face training costs. 

Implementation Roadmap 

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Who Is It For?

Sales managers

Sales / Marketing Managers

looking to train their sales teams about their own products and technologies for better sales enablement, more sales and better customer service globally 


L&D Professionals

it's all about using a proven implementation process and Lighthouse doing the "heavy-lifting" when it comes to creating digital learning content 



it's about making learning engaging, practical and relevant to their job to boost performance, help skill development and career advancement

E-Learning and LMS in Vienna 
Lighthouse is your Learning and Development training provider in Austria for creating your corporate Digital Academy, using a variety of digital learning content such as elearning, microlearning video, 3D product model, and performance support. 
If you have your own Learning Management System, LMS, we can create e learning content that is fully compatible with your LMS or consult you with LMS selection and implementation.
Our dedicated experts based in 1060 Vienna, Austria are happy to help you with digital training for sales enablement, onboarding, leadership development and team development. 

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