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Design Thinking
Design Sprints
Knowledge Management


Fast track your product development & make innovation tangible

The Design Sprint is a structured process that enables quick validation of ideas / products / features within 4 days.

Design Sprints build on Design Thinking principles and focus on execution and the actual implementation of these principles in order to make innovation tangible.

Developed by Google Ventures, the Design Sprint is a practical method for gaining the momentum needed to bring products and services to your internal and external customers without wasting weeks, months or even years building the wrong thing or trying to make a decision as to what to build. Design Sprints are the quickest way to find out if a new product has product-market fit, if a feature is worth developing, and if your value proposition really resonates with the market.

Within 4 days, Design Sprints allow you to see a future where your product exists and see your customers reactions without making any expensive commitments. After a 2-day workshop with your product team we will build a prototype and test it with real users to get actionable feedback for your product development roadmap.


Key experts retiring?

Need to mitigate the risk of specialists leaving the organization and taking essential knowledge with them?


Capturing key technology, product and business process insights  from your Subject Matter Experts during a structured workshop that will serve as core learning content and enhance knowledge across the entire organization


Developing engaging learning materials that are specifically designed to close knowledge gaps within various organizational target audiences and preparing these for delivery


Using  classroom based delivery or digital learning tools including e-learning, mobile learning and LMS solutions to efficiently distribute knowledge across all your offices, globally

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