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Lighthouse Team Effectiveness Journey - Part II

Previously, I shared a post about the Team Effectiveness Journey that the Lighthouse Team has embarked on and with this article, I'd like to inform you how we're progressing.

To guide us on this journey, we are using the 6 Team Conditions ™ framework and accompanying Team Diagnostic Survey™ (TDS). Just to remind you, The TDS™ "is psychometrically sound and peer-reviewed, validated using data collected on more than 1000+ teams in diverse business settings globally and measures the 6 conditions that collectively predict up to 80% of a team’s effectiveness." (Dr. Wageman, Dr. Hackman & Dr. Lowe)

I have to admit, launching such a Journey with our unique team comprised of two business associates / OD consultants Tim Bosworth & Hani El - Sharkawi, Lighthouse learning manager Kristina Konjic and my business / managing partner Peter Biro, brought a certain level of anxiety. What will the results of the TDS be? How effective are we as a team? What do they think of my leadership skills? "Relax Kevin - breathing is achieving" I reminded myself and ultimately, I had to smile because it gave me a deeper level of empathy for Leaders who we work with whenever we co-design a Team Learning Journey anchored in a framework that is measured by a survey. Yikes!

In December 2020, all five of us filled in the 30-minute online survey which combines a mixture of quantitative and qualitative results. The 27-page generated report provides a quantitative measurement of where we see ourselves on the 6 Conditions, Key Task Processes & Team Effectiveness and in addition, the measured results are supported by qualitative data. In short, the report is a treasure trove of data about how we collectively see the effectiveness of our team.

As my pulse increased by a good 30 beats per minute, I clicked generate report et voilà, you can see the overall result on page 1 of the attached document accompanying this article. Naturally, at first sight, I was delighted to see a lot of green. This initial relief..."oh, thank goodness they enjoy being part of this team"...very quickly moved to "where are the lowest scores"? Soon after, I went to the qualitative data and my intuition about our team was validated. I knew we were missing a Compelling Purpose, a "raison d'être" if you will or as our Learning Manager Kristina so eloquently stated, "our effort is high and we're working hard but have no clue as to why." I immediately saw how a low score on Compelling Purpose impacted finding unique, suitable approaches to our work which then led to lower task performance. What are our goals and aspirations? How are we tracking and monitoring them? How can we "sharpen the saw"?

Upon consultation with Tim Bosworth (also TDS certified and on this team) and receiving invaluable tips and insight from Krister Lowe (Team Coach guru who certified me in the TDS), Tim and I decided to set up interventions through a series of team workshops around the following Conditions: Compelling Purpose, Real Team and Sound Structure. Specifically, on page 2 of the attached document, you can see more detailed results and notes around Compelling Purpose. On page 3, you'll find more detailed results and notes around Real Team and finally, on page 4, I've included the results and notes around Sound Structure.

In my next post, I will share specifics with you about the interventions in the team workshops and what the results of those interventions are. That's all for now and I look forward to keeping you updated on our Team Effectiveness Journey!



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