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How to Increase Product Knowledge as a Salesperson

Being a salesperson is a difficult task! It is something that requires one to keep on learning, adapting, and gaining new skills in order to stay on top of the game. There are ways to do so! It is crucial for any business to keep its salesperson and sales team on top of novelties within the industry. A salesperson who is extremely knowledgeable can make the difference between making a significant profit as a business and having difficulty making ends meet. This article provides insights into how to increase product knowledge for salesmen and saleswomen, particularly to improve their ability to convert leads into loyal clients!

1. Education and Training

At the root of it, product knowledge is about knowing exactly what the product does to help a client. To this end, your salespeople must be extremely knowledgeable. They must know what the product can do, how it can help specific and distinct clients, and why it is the best product on the marketplace for this client. Hence, education and training are crucial. This does not have to be complicated: Lighthouse Organizational Development (OD) offers learning and development programs for multinational organizations. By delivering on all platforms – virtually, face-to-face, and blended – we can accommodate all kinds of teams in their quest to increase product knowledge.

2. Experience

Needless to say, salespeople are masters at their art and are born with this talent. As such, gaining experience is one of the best sources of knowledge. The more one practices, the more one can learn how to deal with specific clients, what part of the product distinct clients prefer over others, and more.

3. Sales Conferences

Conferences are more than an all-expenses-paid trip. Indeed, in the world of sales, they can be the perfect environment for salespeople to thrive by learning from other, more experienced salesmen and saleswomen. Likewise, sales meetings provide an excellent pool of individuals from all corners of the world who can bring this experience and knowledge to your own sales team.

4. Advertisements

As a salesperson, it is the individual’s job to figure out how exactly to portray the product to the client in order to convince them that the product is worth buying. To achieve this, looking at advertisements can help the salesperson pick up on certain parts of a product that are most attractive to the client.

5. Sales Literature

Finally, there is a vast amount of literature related to sales available to all salespeople. Sales bulletins and manuals, as well as trade journals and sales post folios, can each provide solid product knowledge information that boosts salespeople’s knowledge of the products they are selling as well as any novelties that they must be aware of. As the salesperson needs to constantly be on top of any updates or new products that may be of interest to their clients, consulting the sales literature is a must.



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