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Building In-House Learning Academies

Sales training is all about making your employees the best salespeople that they can be. A company is only as successful as its employees are: without your employees’ skills, know-how, and ability to develop into better salespeople, you can only perform so well. This is in part why in-house training has gained traction over the previous years. More specifically, providing your employees with more training not only benefits your company through the new acquired skills, but also by providing your employees with abilities to develop themselves, feel valued through their development, satisfied about the work they do, and hence, perform better overall. Let’s have a look at what in-house learning involves.

In-House Training: What Is It?

In-house learning programs are implemented for the purpose of developing employees' skills and improving performance. The goal is to make learning a continuous and integrated process for the organization. A well-designed training program can boost employee productivity and create a better, more competitive, organization. To create an effective internal training program, organizations usually hire in-house professionals who will carry out the development and training processes. However, it is no longer necessary to hire individuals to physically come to your organization – e-learning has changed the game!

One advantage of in-house training is the fact that it can be highly focused. While public courses can be generic, in-house e-learning training courses are tailored to specific business needs. Moreover, in-house training can use examples from actual work to reinforce important points due to the personalized aspect of e-learning courses. This way, in-house e-learning training programs can help companies prevent their employees from feeling overwhelmed with irrelevant information.

E-Learning: The Solution for Effective and Productive In-House Learning Activities

E-learning has grown in popularity with the new need for flexible work-from-home schemes. However, it is not a new concept! E-learning offers your company the flexibility needed to teach your team and enable their professional growth at their own pace while providing a cost-effective and personalized experience. Through e-learning, you cut the cost of bringing in trainers, organizing your staff’s schedule around this training, and the variability of the taught material. Instead, e-learning offers personalized training that fits your company’s specific needs, does so at an affordable price, and ensures that all employees learn the same information needed based on what their interests are. They want to learn more about being better leaders in their team? There is an e-learning course developed for this specific goal. They want better salespeople skills? You guessed it – there is a course for that too. Ultimately, e-learning surpasses other forms of in-house training because of its accessibility and ease of use – all things that are now crucial in any company in 2022.

At Lighthouse Organizational Development, we are dedicated to helping your company achieve the best results with the least amount of friction. We create personalized, cost-effective, and relevant courses by partnering with you and establishing what your company’s specific needs are. Contact us today to learn more and get started!



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