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Personal Finance

A practical and immediately applicable workshop at the intersection of personal finance, money psychology and investing for those who want to take control of their money!

Alleviate stress around personal finance and turn money into a source of joy
Become confident about your money through understanding the essentials 
Learn to set yourself up for a comfortable financial future 


The workshop is built around the "3 Pillars of Money - Earn, Save, Invest" framework:


  • Set spending, saving and investment targets

  • Get tools to keep track of monthly income and spending with low effort


  • Learn to forecast where you’ll be financially in 3/6/12 months

  • Create your personal ‘waterfall savings & investment system’ and automate your finances


  • Learn the steps to start investing and investing essentials

  • Learn about deposits, stocks and ETFs and other forms of investments


This is NOT a “get rich quick”, stock picking, trading or crypto workshop but a workshop focusing on realistic objectives

This is NOT a workshop where I’ll tell you to save every cent you make because I believe money should be fun and a source of joy

This is NOT a dry economics course but a real-life workshop to help you understand and take control of your money



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My name is Peter and the idea for this Personal Finance Workshop came through helping a couple of friends improve their personal finances and getting them started with investments. I believe that Financial Literacy is extremely important and should be thought in school. Whether you are a doctor, builder, engineer, artist or teacher you will need to deal with money throughout your life! We are all expected to be good with money, yet no one ever teaches us how to manage it! My aim is to change this!

My background:

- co-founder of an international consulting company based in Vienna, Austria
- Master’s degree in Finance
- have been tracking my monthly spending for about 12 years
- have been saving a portion of my income since I started working
- have been managing my own investment portfolio for 10+ years focusing on dividend-paying stocks
- bought my first stocks around the age of 10 (with the help of my parents of course)


Over the last 10 years at Lighthouse Organizational Development we trained 1000s of participants and leaders from some of the largest organizations in Austria and globally through face2face, virtual and e-learning-based development programs.

We partner with HR, L&D professionals and senior leaders to design & deliver impactful training and e-learning programs!


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