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Learn how custom e-learning can boost your product training and:

  1. increase sales

  2. reduce onboarding time

  3. standardize training processes


"How to Train Sales Teams in the Engineering Industry"

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The Difference Between Product & Sales Training
Integrating Product & Sales Training
Why Standardize and Digitalize Product Training?
How to Create Effective Product Training & Sales Onboarding Content?
Concrete Results E-Learning Based Product Training Academies Can Deliver

By reading this ebook, you will learn about...

Meet the Author

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Peter Biro is an E-Learning Expert who helps multinational companies build custom-made E-Learning Academies and turn their own, internal learning materials and experts’ tacit knowledge into engaging e-learning content for product training, sales enablement and onboarding.

Using a 4-Step "Implementation Roadmap" he developed, Peter advises clients through the entire development process, from design, LMS integration, digital learning content development and roll-out of the final in-house Academy.

As a result, his clients are able to 1) digitally capture and distribute organizational knowledge globally,

2) standardize training to make sure every employee goes through the exact same training experience, and

3) reduce per learner training costs via scalable learning programs that are used to train 1000s of learners globally, in their home or normal offices.

Over the last 10 years at Lighthouse Organizational Development we trained 1000s of participants and leaders from some of the largest organizations in Austria and globally through face2face, virtual and e-learning-based development programs.

We partner with HR, L&D professionals and senior leaders to design & deliver impactful training and e-learning programs!

About Lighthouse

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