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"AI for Business Productivity & Personal Effectiveness"

A practical workshop for learning immediately applicable Artificial Intelligence (AI) skills with the goal of boosting professional productivity and personal effectiveness!

Become familiar with the AI fundamentals from a non-IT perspective


Practice AI (ChatGPT) prompting during the workshop to boost your productivity 

Learn immediately applicable AI (ChatGPT) prompting best practices 

*AI prompting is the process of writing text-based instructions to guide AI language models, such as ChatGPT, in generating accurate, relevant, and useful responses

The main focus of the workshop will be learning and practising immediately applicable AI (ChatGPT) prompting* skills. That is because the quality of your prompts will determine the usefulness of AI outputs and therefore determine the increase in your professional productivity.
This makes AI prompting* a new, rare and valuable skill for knowledge workers. Learning to write prompts are one of the key skills to make the most of the current AI revolution!

  • Understanding AI Technologies from a Non-IT Point of View

  • AI's Impact on the Future of Work & Your Professional Life Today

  • AI Prompting Best Practices

    • Professional case studies and concrete AI application areas for personal effectiveness and productivity

    • Writing effective ChatGPT prompts / instructions for comprehensive and useful AI outputs

    • Common prompting pitfalls and how to avoid them




  • Hands-on Experience with AI Tools for Business Productivity​

    • Interactive group and individual exercises to practice using AI for: creating presentations, customer service & marketing, data​ cleanup, report creation, content summary, writing emails, learning, decision-making support, scheduling, writing & checking contracts and other areas​

    • Exchanging best practices and experiences with other workshop participants


+  Keynote speech from and experienced IT and cloud computing expert with work experience from companies like Microsoft

This workshop is designed for knowledge workers and anyone with an office job seeking to get things done faster and more efficiently. It is tailored to employees in large multinational organizations as well as freelancers from any industry, who want to harness the power of AI to enhance productivity and personal effectiveness. No prior IT or developer background is required to benefit from this practical, hands-on learning experience.


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      Peter is a senior trainer, facilitator and learning program designer working with leading multinational companies on designing and delivering in-person, virtual and hybrid learning programs by focusing on practical skill development, experiential learning and engaging learning experiences.

This is NOT an IT or coding course: The workshop focuses on fundamental AI topics and immediately applicable AI skills, such as writing simple text prompts that maximize the quality of AI output and individual productivity.


      As a technology and personal effectiveness enthusiast, Peter has integrated AI tools into his work and he is excited to share his first-hand experience on how AI tools helped him enhance productivity and elevate the quality and speed of his professional output. To round out his practical experience, Peter has completed the University of Pennsylvania's (Wharton Business School) certification "Artificial Intelligence Applications in Marketing and Finance".

      As co-founder of Lighthouse Organizational Development, Peter has 10+ years of experience in project design, planning and management of multi-country learning & development initiatives globally, managing a team of 15 consultants, and collaborating with individual contributors, subject-matter experts and senior leadership.

This is NOT a dry, theoretical lecture: The workshop provides a hands-on, interactive experience with AI tools, ensuring immediate applicability of learned skills.

This course is NOT industry-specific: The course offers valuable insights and skills for knowledge workers across various industries and company sizes both for employees and freelancers.

  1. learn practical and immediately applicable AI prompting skills that will make life easier at work

  2. establish yourself as someone with proficient AI skills within your workplace to advance your career and help your team and organization boost productivity

  3. get access to useful resources for getting more done with less effort, using AI

   + you will be awarded a certificate upon completion of the workshop




Where: Kochgasse 24, 1080 Vienna (Lighthouse Workshop Space)

When: June 15 (Thursday), 2023, 9:30 -17:00

Workshop Language: English 

Number of Participants: Approx. 12 

Price: Early Bird € 299, Standard € 399

 Transform your career with AI skills – 

 Enroll today to secure your spot 

*If you are booking as an organization or if your employer is covering the workshop costs send us a message here and we will send you an invoice with your organization's billing address / purchase order details.

 Successful enrollment! You will receive an e-mail   confirmation soon! 

At Lighthouse, we design and deliver Learning & Development programs for multinational organizations globally and aim to bring the transformative power of learning to our workshop participants! 


Over the last 10 years, we have trained 1000s of participants and leaders from some of the largest organizations in Austria and globally through in-person, virtual, hybrid and e-learning-based personal skills, leadership and team development programs.


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